Wooden Garages Pros and Cons

Wooden garages like these are classic and beautiful livable spaces that could be freestanding or integral parts of your main residence. Garages are functional structures that offer a wide range of purposes from a typical carport or parking space to a storage area for your tools and excess stuff. Contemporary home aesthetics and designs are now geared toward making garages more livable rooms such as converting your garage into a home office, man’s cave, children’s playroom, media room, and so much more.

wooden garage

Why go for wooden garages?

There are various materials to choose from when looking for a lucrative investment on a garage project. Wooden garages are quite popular among homeowners today, however, there are other materials choices such as steel, concrete, and a blend of wood and concrete or metal materials. Your personal preference mainly influences your choice of the type of garage to boost your property and add a more functional and practical area that maximizes your productivity.

Here are some of the top reasons why wooden garages are better than other garage types available:

Classic and Timeless Aesthetics

Wood offers a classic and all-time favorite aesthetic that has been around for years. Different wood species have their own unique and appealing looks from the textures to the patterns as well as the color schemes. Your wood choices are actually endless with popular choices such as redwood, cedar, fir, and alder. Wooden garages also feature hardware on top of the wood materials which could actually fit any exterior aesthetics, themes, and designs. These hardware pieces are for the hinges, knockers, door studs, and handles, among many others. High-quality hardware adds unique flairs to your personalized wooden garage with special emphasis on the garage door. Wooden doors have varied design and style options such as sliding, swinging, and folding along with limitless designs and colors.

Eco-Friendly and Healthy

Choosing wooden garages over other material counterparts is the best way to go green. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and preserving the environment heavily weighs on your decision, then wooden structures for your garage is the best option to go for. Using timber or any other types of wood helps the environment since timber is a renewable resource and using wood for your structure helps in the absorption of CO2 in the air, offering cleaner outdoor air quality while investing in an appealing and functional building.

Easy to Repair and Modify

In general, wooden structures are easy to change and modify even when in the middle of the construction of the garage. Wooden garages come in different designs but if you happen to change your mind, you can have certain features modified without destroying the entire foundation or structure which is quite the case with concrete or general masonry.

double wooden garage

What are the downsides of wooden garages?

Just like any other structures, garages made from wooden materials also have their own pitfalls and downsides but knowing all these weaknesses early on could help you find an immediate remedy for the problem.


Wooden garages are quite expensive especially if you go for premium quality wood species, hardware, and customized features such as wooden garage doors. The luxurious look and feel of the garage surely compensate the upscale price but if you have a tighter budget, this could certainly be a bad choice. You consult with wooden garage contractors to see if they have special custom packages that would suit your preferred and allocated budget.

Maintenance and Treatment

Just like any other wooden structures such as the log cabin, wooden garages also require regular maintenance, not to mention initial treatment to avoid dust mites or insect infestation. Regular upkeep and treatment are vital if you want to safeguard the overall condition and quality of your wooden garage, preventing any breakdown or rotting due to untreated wood that becomes the breeding ground and food source for insects such as termites.

Insulation Issues

Woods are natural insulators but they could also shrink or expand depending on their environment. Wooden garages need extra wood treatment in order to add insulation and become an energy efficient space.

Wooden garages are quality investments and a profitable home project that would certainly give you more than you paid for. The best wooden garage becomes your personal sanctuary if you want to have the peace and quiet you need in an isolated and well-designed room. Use it as your conventional carport or simply convert it into a place that would absolutely boost your productivity and give your property a much higher market value.