Our customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing for us. Our understanding how many things depend on properly functioning garage doors drives us to become better and provide better and more well-rounded services each and every day. Best value for the best price – we provide garage door repair services whenever it’s needed.

Only the best garage door repair, installation and maintenance services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, Irving, Garland, Houston, San Antonio, Austin areas. The team of our specialists are always ready to solve any kind of issue you are throwing our way, and it doesn’t even matter if it’s night or day – if your garage doors have just broken, – we are here to help you!

There are so many reasons to take care of your garage doors before it “really brakes”- from the possibility of it being a way for burglars to come inside your home, to you possibly injuring yourself while operating malfunctioning garage doors. So if you can feel that something is wrong with it, – give us a call, and avoid further and more expensive repairs!

Did You Know That In Over 50% of Burglaries, Thieves Gain Access Through An Unsecured Garage?
-Is your garage door keeping your family safe?

We fix garage door operators, door hardware, door openers, door accessories, hinges, handles, actual doors and everything else that is related to it. And all of these services are available to you 24 / 7 ! Have a problem? Let us know! Click here to find Garage Door Experts ABC near your home

Services We Provide

– Garage door repair
– Garage door replacement
– Garage door maintenance
– Garage door spring replacement
– Garage door cable tensioning
– New garage door installation
– New garage door opener installation
– Garage door opener replacement
– Garage door opener repair
Garage door balancing

Call and tell us your problem! We are certain that we can save you time and money while adding value to your home. We are dedicated in providing excellent service. Garage Door Experts ABC want you to be satisfied with our services as well as the overall experience. We focus on high quality services, and our prices don’t bite!

Common Garage Door Repair Reasons

Traditional garage doors have two main parts: the gate- door part and the opening mechanism. You may have trouble opening or closing the door properly if you have a problem with either component. A garage door that won’t open or close right is both frustrating and unsafe. Any items you have stored in the garage, such as expensive tools or your car, are at risk if your door is malfunctioning, and the problem may even pose a safety hazard; for example, if your door is sticking and suddenly slides to close while you’re under it.

Various conditions affect garage doors. If the bottom or the sides of the garage are frozen, the door might stick or stay immobile because it is simply stuck. The track the door slides along, is usually made out of metal, it has rubber and plastic components and is usually mounted by screws or brackets to the garage itself. Damaging the track, its parts or its mounting  may lead to operation problems, such as sticking. Other causes include dirt or grease on the track, door rollers and tracks that aren’t level, a damaged door tension spring or a failure with the gates opening mechanism. The first part of successful garage door repair is identifying the actual cause of the problem among all the different possibilities.


Garage Door Repair Tips

You may try some easy repairs before finding a professional. Clean tracks and rollers with a strong household cleaner, but check the garage system’s installation manual to see if there are any cleaners you can’t use on the track’s materials first. Check all track mounting with a level and tighten or adjust loose track if necessary. Inspect the tension springs on both sides of the door; if springs are rusted or damaged, you might need to order replacements from the manufacturer. Your garage door repair may require new parts, depending on the cause.

Look at the door mechanism if the door is not opening or closing with enough force. The mechanism, usually found in the center of the top of the gate, has a pressure adjustment option. Adjustment locations on the mechanism vary by make and model, but may be found in the front or back of the mechanism box or by additional features, such as a built-in light. Adjust pressure by turning the nut, screw or knob that controls it, but be careful. Too much or too little pressure can make the door operate incorrectly; for example, if you adjust it to work with too much pressure, – it may damage your garage doors even more!

When you’re ready to improve your home, your security and your lifestyle with a top quality garage door, you need a local, reliable, experienced garage door company you can trust. We strongly suggest you not to risk your own safety with unknow local contractors who might try to take as much from you as they can, better Call Us – Garage Door Experts ABC, – reliable professionals with lots of positive reviews.

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