Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Experts ABC

Garage door springs are one of those garage door parts that wears off the quickest. It is there to create the counterbalance so your doors would open and close easy. Centuries ago the same kind of effect used to be accomplished by fixing certain amount of weight to the mechanism. For example if garage doors weighs over 120 pounds, the force of the spring has to be over 120 pound too, – only then garage doors will open and close easily! So if you are facing difficulties while opening / closing doors, – first thing that needs checking are the springs attached to your garage doors! If the springs are worn off, – it doesn’t serve the purpose – balancing the garage doors. Usually the mechanisms are pretty straight forward, and you can quite easily change the springs yourself, – nevertheless – keep in mind that springs you are about to change has stretch / torque power of around 120 pounds, – so you can easily injure yourself, – so please be careful or call us, – Garage Door Experts ABC, and we will do it for you! Click here to find an expert near you!

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