Garage Door Rollers Replacement

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If you are facing difficulties opening / closing your garage doors, – it might as well be your garage door rollers causing the problem. It is pretty straight forward when it comes to garage door rollers. Thankfully garage door industry is no rocket science, and rollers come in one of three standard sizes. It’s either one, two or three inches diameter. Just find a ruler, go and measure the roller. Keep in mind that the diameter or roller is not the only thing you need to know if you want to change rollers yourself! You need to know the full lengh of the stem up to where the roller is on the stem. Make sure you measure it precisely, – as these things can be quite pricy! If you have all the measurements required, – now all you need to do is to go and get the replacement parts! Keep in mind that various brands of rollers, and stems can be made of different materials. Each and very materiál has pros and cons. Different materials mean different serving time etc. So think of your necessities and expectations, as one parts will last longer, will function better and longer in high-moisture environments, others will function in more quite manner. Are you getting confused? No worries, – if you think that this „fixing garage door myself“ business is too complicated for you, – just call us Garage Door Experts ABC, – and well fix everything for you! Click here to find our specialist near you!

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