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Garage door operators are probably the most sophisticated mechanism in garage door system. Three things we all want our garage door operators to be is quiet, powerful and durable. All garage door brands use the same catch phrases when describing their own “the best” garage door openers “maximized performance and reliability”. However, sometimes descriptions doesn’t match the real situation.

How to know if you’re in trouble already?

  1. Check the power. – this may sound as “too simple to be true”. But trust us, – it happens. If it’s plugged in correctly, and still not working, – well, – you might as well be in trouble.
  2. Check if “Lock” mode is not on! – another extremely simple trick, but trust us, – it happens. If you didn’t even know that your garage door operator has “Lock mode” check manual for that, you might as well triggered it accidently.
  3. Remote batteries – well, – enough said I guess, – but it might as well be the cause of the problem!


If you’ve checked all of the above mentioned things and couldn’t find the cause of the problem it might as well be time to call us – Garage Door Experts ABC. We will find what is causing the problem, and fix it for you!

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